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Professional Development Workshops

Coaching for Executives, Senior and Middle leaders, whether new, experienced or aspiring.  Based in East Sussex

Bourne to Achieve Workshops

We offer inspiring, practical leadership workshops designed to raise the skills, knowledge and experience in aspiring, new and experienced leaders in different fields of work.

Our Bourne to Achieve workshops are crafted to suit the overall goal of each individual organisation to meet their development plans, as part of a robust CPD programme.

Professional Development Workshops

Bourne to Achieve Coaching offers a series of workshops covering a combination of key areas such as: 

  • What is an effective leader? Envisioning your Leadership
  •  Leadership styles – what they are and how to use them effectively
  • Developing a coaching approach to Leadership
  • Identifying and harnessing Strengths – your own and those of your team
  • Strategies for team unification
  • Holding Successful Professional Conversations – the ones we label ‘difficult’
  • Rapport based Communication – verbal and written language
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
  • Building Resilience
  • Effective Prioritisation 
  • Conscious Delegation
  •  Introduction to Personal Change*
  •  Leading Change in teams / organisations*

*The content in these workshops is connected. The best outcomes arise from creating a longer session or booking both sessions.

Please contact us at Bourne to Achieve to discuss what workshops will benefit your organisation. 

Will the Workshop suit my workplace?

Our Bourne to Achieve workshops are interactive, with hands-on tasks based on ‘real’ play as opposed to ‘role-play’.

The workshops create opportunities to change the way participants think about themselves, others and the wider context in a safe confidential environment.

Based on an initial discussion, we will tailor the workshop to your work environment and requirements.

Ahead of the workshops, there are short preparation tasks which offer opportunities to reflect on past and current practices to create an intrinsic motivation. Often these generate useful questions for the sessions. 

Following the workshop, reflection tasks extend the learning for those who would like further self-directed learning.

Bourne to Achieve workshops usually last two hours to allow sufficient time for the input, practical tasks and questions.

They can be delivered both in person and online, depending on the need of your organisation.

Prices start at £400 per two hour Workshop.


‘I had a brilliant workshop with Jannine on prioritisation. I learned a lot in this session which I will be able to put to good use in my professional and private life. Jannine was an excellent presenter and made me feel at ease and able to contribute fully in a relaxed but professional setting, thank you.’

 University Learning Support Tutor (Attending an online workshop)

‘Thank you for such an inspiring session on Change. The discussion afterwards showed how thought-provoking we found it.’

Deputy Head (attending a face to face workshop)


How will you tailor the Workshop for my workplace

At Bourne to Achieve, we always tailor the workshop to your business needs. At the time of booking, we’ll have a discussion following which we’ll agree outcomes, content and scope of the workshop.