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Welcome to

Bourne to Achieve Professional Development Consultancy

At Bourne to Achieve we aim to resource people to effectively lead with compassion, kindness and authenticity.

Bourne to Achieve Professional Development Consultancy offers a portfolio of services:

  • Executive Level Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Business Leadership Coaching
  • 1-1 Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Leadership Development Training Programmes

Who are our clients? 

Educational Settings and Organisations

We work with Senior Leaders and Executive Teams across Academy Trusts and individual schools. Our clients may be aspiring, new in post or experienced leaders who are keen to evolve their professional and personal effectiveness, so they can consciously lead and empower the people in their respective teams.

We also partner with Training Providers such as Best Practice Network and Croydon Education Partnership, providing exceptional 1-1 and group coaching as well as facilitating Professional Development and Leadership Development Training.

Businesses and Enterprises

We work with Business Leaders to strengthen their leadership skills. By recognising that you are the expert in your chosen field, we focus on harnessing your strengths to take your business in the direction you really want it to go.

How do we work? 

Bourne to Achieve offers our clients a confidential, reflective space away from the busy-ness of their lives. We enable them to gain deeper insight of the situation, explore options and make conscious choices about how they move forward.

Together we build confidence to experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving, aligned to their personal and organisational values.

Arrange a chat to see if we are the right people to work with you. If we aren’t, then we will do our best to point you in a different direction.

Read on to discover our offer:

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Executive, Leadership and Business Coaching


Empowering Coaching for Executives ready to lean into challenge and grow as leaders.

Individual Coaching

1:1 Individual Coaching

Empowering Coaching for people who might be stuck or unsure how to develop in their personal or professional life. 

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Leadership Development Training Programmes

Inspiring, practical leadership programmes designed to raise the skills, knowledge and performance in Leaders.

How does coaching work?

Coaching starts with the premise that you know your situation better than anyone else and therefore you are the best person to generate the ideas to resolve it. 

The role of the coach is to create a trusted, confidential, empowering relationship where we explore the situation to enable you to gain that deeper insight into what is really going on so you can make well-informed, authentic decisions and take actions at the right time.

Types of coaching

You may have seen different terminology linked to coaching: life, business, achievement, executive, leadership, performance, 1:1, group / team coaching and wonder what the difference is.

The term ‘Coaching’ refers to the way of working with people described above and the label e.g. executive, leadership, business etc gives an indication of its main focus.

At Bourne to Achieve we use Executive Coaching to describe the work with do with leaders and aspiring leaders in schools, businesses and organisations.

We use Individual Coaching to describe the work we are doing with people who are funding the coaching themselves.

That said, aspects of our lives are intertwined however much we try to compartmentalise them. Issues at work will be having an impact on your personal life and well-being. Likewise, challenges at home may well be reflected in your performance and behaviour at work.

At Bourne to Achieve, we invite our coachees to bring their whole selves to the sessions to ensure that the changes will support the multifaceted lives we lead.

Leadership Development Programmes


Crafted to meet the requirements of your organisation or team, these inspiring, practical Leadership Programmes are designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of Leaders at all levels.

Our Leadership Development Programmes can be facilitated online and face to face with equal impact, as individual sessions or, more commonly,  as part of a robust programme of CPD.

Click here to learn more about our flagship programme ‘The Resourced Leader’.


"My coaching experience (with Bourne to Achieve) has been transformational. Having the time to reflect on my actions, my values and leadership has enabled me to get to know myself at a deeper level and has really built my self-confidence. Jannine is very skilled at getting you to focus on areas that will move your thinking forwards. She uses a wide range of activities and discussion tools to help you reveal things about different areas of yourself and others around you. Every session is different and interesting."

– Senior Leader in Education

"I have found having coaching from Jannine both inspiring and insightful. I have discovered areas of my own leadership which can be enhanced, as well as developing a clear understanding of my own strengths and how they impact on others. I have also developed a bank of strategies and tools which I can use both to support my own well-being and leadership ability."


– Executive Leader in Education

"You (Bourne to Achieve) have enabled me to challenge my own leadership, and better understand my strengths and weaknesses. The balance between listening and nudging with questions felt right and enabled me to work things out in my own mind and think deeply about how I could approach situations in a different way that I have been using. You provided some information along the way/models of thinking about things that clarified an approach. You made things easy to understand and I felt listened to and understood. I have learnt a lot over the 6 sessions and have noticed the change in myself as a leader. I really appreciate how I have progressed as a result of these sessions."

– Senior Leader