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All lessons have been successfully delivered online throughout 2020 and will continue with this fantastic medium which has added another dimension to learning.
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why choose bourne to achieve?

Each person has their own unique talent that they bring to the world. These gifts can sometimes be disguised by Dyslexia, Autism or speaking English as a second language.

My teaching ethos is to harness the strengths of each individual, positively support and stretch them to achieve their goals. During the session the most important person is the tutee in front of me – you, your son or daughter.

My role is to bring out their best based on their skills, interests and needs.

My son immediately took to Jannine and looked forward to his lessons. 

My son successfully passed his GCSE maths and was able to secure his place on his chosen course.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jannine to anyone. She has a unique way of explaining the subject in a way to suit the individual child.

Mother to Maths tutee, Year 6 – Year 11, 2006 - 2011


DELTA Level 5

English Language

B.Ed (HONS) Language and Maths

NLP Practitioner

Level 4

Holistic Counselling


Level 4

years 1-1 tutoring

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