Six things only you can do to achieve your desired score

Read the question!

Don’t just read it with half your mind thinking about what to have for dinner! Read it and underline the KEY words.

Rephrase it in your mind – how would you explain it to your GRANNY!

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Picking up your pen and writing the first thing that pops into your head is like getting on the first bus that comes along and expecting it to take you to school, college or your work place!

Spend FIVE minutes planning – depending on the length of the answer or essay, write 10 – 30 words to help sort your ideas. You can order them once they are on paper with arrows and connecting lines or numbers.

Refer to the Plan

It’s no good scribbling a plan then ignoring it!

As you write – follow your plan, and either use the ideas or discard them. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz, and despite the distractions, she got to the Emerald Palace.

1 Main Idea = 1 Paragraph

If you’ve planned well, and the ideas all connect, you’ll know when to paragraph.

The best paragraph has a TOPIC SENTENCE telling us the POINT.

This is EXTENDED with SUPPORTING IDEAS e.g. examples, cause and effect, reasons, a group of similar ideas or quotations – depending on the type of writing.

The sentences within it are LINKED and the paragraph is rounded off with a QUALIFYING STATEMENT or it links to the following one.

You may know this as PEEL(Z) or TS, SI and QS.

Write Legibly

Write clearly so markers can read it. Remember many exam papers are now scanned into a computer and sent to the marker. If they can’t read it – they can’t mark it!

Cross out mistakes with a single line. Scribbling is for toddlers!

Finally – be the teacher!

Leave time at the end to EDIT!

  • Does it answer the question?
  • Check punctuation ,,??’’!!-
  • Cheque you’re spelin and don’t use txt spk!

One read through at the end and a few tweaks will help you achieve your desired score! Unless of course you didn’t plan well in the first place, jumped on the first bus and are currently heading to Gatwick Airport.

If you still need help to achieve your desired score – contact me: 07790 404470.