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I am Jannine, an Executive Coach and founder of Bourne to Achieve

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Before setting up Bourne to Achieve, Jannine spent over two decades teaching in educational settings, both public and private, in the UK and Ecuador. For 14 years she held leadership roles in an award winning International team and had the privilege of working with the partner agencies from across Europe, The Middle East, Asia and South America. This taught her to be present with the individual, to hear what they are truly saying, and not saying, through their body language, actions and verbal communication – whatever the level of their English. She mentored new teachers, trained new recruits, developed and ran CPD workshops on specialist topics, in addition to creating bespoke programmes of study and marketing them to recruit new partners. Her roles were diverse, challenging and fertile ground for personal and professional growth.

Our Approach

Inspired by the phrase ‘She decided to live the life she had dreamed of,’ she quit her leadership role and set up her own company Bourne to Achieve in 2016 based on the values of Integrity, Rapport and Empowerment. This later morphed Bourne to Achieve Professional Development Consultancy.

My passion is for language and the power of words – how they motivate and inspire us, and how they reveal the deeply held beliefs that guide us, or might block us. My work is around identifying those beliefs that no longer serve, uncovering what you really desire to create powerful images and words that create the path forward.

Headshot Jannine Howe

It’s important to find an Executive Coach that’s a good fit.


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I couldn’t imagine going back to work, after my second maternity leave, without the coaching sessions with Jannine. It has enabled me to look at the situation from a different perspective, to focus on what I can control and always to have in mind what I want.; to believe in myself again. There is the possibility to change at any time. I was returning to work 3 years after my first maternity leave, where I was facing a lot of stress and anxiety at work and dealing with “toxic” people that took advantage of my situation. Not that the situation is much better now but I am facing it completely differently. It has changed my world. I am much more relaxed and in control and people around can see that. I have an action plan to follow. Aiming, on a regular basis, to take time out to reflect and make sure I am back on track. I can't thank her enough. C.M Finance Business Manager in a Telco company, Spain


Finance Business Manager in a Telco company


You have enabled me to challenge my own leadership, and better understand my strengths and weaknesses. The balance between listening and nudging with questions felt right and enabled me to work things out in my own mind and think deeply about how I could approach situations in a different way that I have been using. You provided some information along the way/models of thinking about things that clarified an approach. You made things easy to understand and I felt listened to and understood. I have learnt a lot over the 6 sessions and have noticed the change in myself as a leader. I really appreciate how I have progressed as a result of these sessions.

Senior Leader