Executive Coaching

Coaching for Executives, Senior and Middle leaders, whether recently promoted, experienced or aspiring.  Based in East Sussex; coaching internationally.

What is Executive Coaching?

Coaching is widely recognised as a transformational learning and development tool that will bring about change in attitude, belief and behaviour.

Bourne to Achieve Coaching offers a non-judgemental, confidential space for you and your team to explore the matters you are facing.

Using a coaching toolkit drawing on different sources, a bespoke coaching programme is co-created and shaped to benefit the goals you most want to achieve.

People engage with coaching from a position of strength as they recognise the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. 

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Situations where Executive Coaching can be highly effective include:

  • Increasing individual and team well-being
  • Developing an individual’s potential and providing career support
  • Developing a more strategic perspective after a promotion to a more senior role
  • Improving confidence and self-belief
  • Preparing and supporting individuals in leadership roles
  • Enabling competent technical experts develop their interpersonal or leadership skills
  • Improving working relationships within teams
  • Exploring specific situations which are creating disharmony.
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Who is our Executive Coaching for?

Our clients are aspiring, recently promoted and experienced leaders, and people who are keen to evolve their practice; retain their authenticity, increase their effectiveness and act with integrity and kindness. 

We work with a range of public and private sector fields. Executive Coaching is usually sponsored by your organisation, and takes place during working hours at your workplace or via Zoom.

Our Executive coaching is suitable for Executives, Senior and Middle leaders. 

Bourne to Achieve Coaching Journey

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Bourne to Achieve offers flexible Coaching Programmes with three main components:

Foundation session

Each series of coaching starts with a 90 minute Foundation Session to hear the coachee’s desired outcomes, interests, learning styles and differences, previous experience of coaching or other interventions. It also covers contracting – an agreement of how we will  work together and from this we co-create a path forward.

Main body of sessions

The juicy work of coaching takes place over several sessions at a pace that suits your circumstances and the matters we are exploring. The frequency can range from weekly sessions to every 6-8 weeks.

This includes a session summary write-up and inter-session email contact. 

Post Coaching Review

After the final session, you will have time to put your development plan into action.  We will then come back together to review progress and tweak your plan as needed.  Our experience is that this Post Coaching Review is crucial in ensuring the sustainability of the learning.

This post-coaching review takes place at around three months after the final session.

From here additional ad-hoc sessions or another series of coaching can be re-contracted for.

Choose your Executive Coaching Package

Deep Dive

6-9 months

11.5 hours



Foundation Session

  • 1.5 hours

Regular Coaching Sessions

  • 9 hours

Post Coaching Review

  • 1 hour



3-6 months

8.5 hours



Foundation Session

  • 1.5 hours

Regular Coaching Sessions

  • 6 hours

Post Coaching Review

  • 1 hour


Rapid Results

1-3 months

5.5 hours



Foundation Session

  • 1.5 hours

Regular Coaching Sessions

  • 3 hours

Post Coaching Review

  • 1 hour


The main body of coaching can be experienced as either 60 or 90 minute sessions.

This includes a session summary write-up and inter-session email contact. 

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Is coaching right for me or my team?

There are many professional development options available, and coaching is not a panacea for all situations. While your team may be facing generic problems affecting your particular field, how they manifest will be unique to your organisation. Coaching offers a bespoke, individualised programme to support you and /or your team with the specific challenges and arrive at solutions that will empower your team. 

What can I expect from a coaching session?

Each session is shaped according to what you would like to work on, how you prefer to work and the level of challenge that would be useful. Your coach will draw upon a kitbag of flexible tools and models that best serve your outcomes. 

What if coaching is not right for me at the moment?

A coaching relationship is based on an open, trust-based relationship. If you feel that something isn’t suiting you, please talk to your coach first. Most things can be resolved by having an honest conversation.  

Which package is best for me?

We offer a range of packages designed to suit the requirements of individual organisations. We are happy to design bespoke packages shaped to your particular situation – please ask us.

Click here to explore these further.

I am a small business owner, how can Executive Coaching help me?

Whether you have a team of 1 (you) or a small team, as a business owner you are also a leader.

Executive Coaching by Bourne to Achieve is working with leaders to bring about change in their practices which then bring about change in their business.

Your focus might be building foundations such as time-management, prioritisation, and delegation so that you can grow the business or leading the business through change.  

How is coaching different from counselling?

Great question! There is a significant difference.

Coaching is forward looking and focused on where you want to be. Whilst we may review past actions, in coaching we see if there are behaviour patterns that may be holding you back from fulfilling your potential. 

We work to enable you to experiment with new ways of thinking, being and doing to create a more fulfilling future.

How is coaching different from mentoring?

There is a close connection between coaching and mentoring; both offer a supportive relationship based on meaningful conversation, which is designed to enhance the coachee or mentee’s skills, knowledge or performance.

A Mentor is often thought of as a wise and trusted advisor sought out to bring their expertise to the matter. 

With an extensive background in teaching and training, the mentoring of teachers, trainers and course facilitators is an area of expertise for us at Bourne to Achieve. 

How does coaching differ from the ‘Cosy Club’ - a natter over a cuppa?

Another great question!

Sharing a problem with a friend or colleague (the cosy club) can be a helpful release, but it doesn’t often lead to sustainable change.

Coaching is a robust development tool that offers accountability to ensure that the goals you set are appropriate to you, achievable and timely. 

At Bourne to Achieve, we will develop a plan and a process to support you to implement this.

How can you personalise sessions so they are not an ‘off the shelf’ package?

The foundation session, which is usually 30 minutes longer, explores who you are, how you like to learn to create a flexible coaching ‘programme’ based on what you want to achieve.

At Bourne to Achieve, our coaching is highly individualised with outcomes specific to you. 


"As an infant school we started working with Jannine in September 2020. We had a new Middle Leadership Team with three staff new to Leadership and with each member of the team in very bespoke roles with different professional and life experiences. As Headteacher, observing their personal and professional development was fascinating and the impact for all three was positive and significant for the school, especially given the ups and downs of the pandemic. Although very different, the individual coaching enabled them to work together with more consistency with increased shared high expectations for them leading their specific areas. With one professional we saw a positive change in prioritisation and delegation of duties with their role. This has led to them being able to be much more strategic in use of time and being able to sustain a better work life balance while achieving far more professionally. All three professionals agreed it had been the most personally insightful and most useful training that they have benefitted from as professionals."


CPD package of individual coaching and bespoke leadership workshops over three academic years

"The second phase involved 1:1 coaching with the Senior Leadership who each had substantial professional experience. The common goal was how to continue to raise the school's high standards and work with each other most effectively. The other key element of these individual coaching sessions was to focus on quality of life and wellbeing for all as this needed to be key for all stakeholders amidst the ongoing crisis. Session focuses were almost always planned in advance in terms of themes to explore. Jannine often set tasks to be completed as part of these which meant that sessions were meaningful and moved professional practice and personal goal setting forward. For each of us having a series of 1:1 sessions within the same time frame has meant that overall school development has been able to be prioritised strategically, alongside each of the Senior Leadership's personal development. In between sessions Jannine would also research and recommend useful strategies that would further move development areas forward. These insights meant that change and developments were deep and sustained."


CPD package of individual coaching and bespoke leadership workshops spanning three academic years

"My coaching experience has been transformational. Having the time to reflect on my actions, my values and leadership has enabled me to get to know myself at a deeper level and has really built my self-confidence. Jannine is very skilled at getting you to focus on areas that will move your thinking forwards. She uses a wide range of activities and discussion tools to help you reveal things about different areas of yourself and others around you. Every session is different and interesting."

Senior Leader