Individual Coaching

Coaching for anyone committed to developing themselves either personally or professionally.  Based in East Sussex; coaching across the globe.

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What is Individual Coaching?

Individual coaching offers you the opportunity to explore situations that may be troubling you in a safe confidential space. They may stem from work or personal circumstances where you recognise something needs to change, but you may not know exactly what or how.

Coaching is a way of being with someone that brings about change in attitude, belief and behaviour which sharpens up the focus on how to move forward towards what you want to achieve.

Situations where Individual Coaching can be highly effective include:


  • Work situations you would prefer to resolve outside of work
  • Career decisions e.g. changes in direction, going for promotion
  • Developing your potential
  • Increasing your well-being, confidence and self-belief
  • Interview and Presentation preparation
  • Preparing to take or return from extended leave
  • Exploring paths to motherhood such as adoption or donor conception
  • Families supporting children with super skills such as Autism or ADHD or Dyslexia
  • Working with people for whom English is a second or additional language

Who are our

Individual Coaching


You may be feeling overwhelmed, stuck or a bit lost – uncertain as to what to do next about a work or personal situation.

You are not alone.

Jannine working with tools
Client working with the Magic Box activity

Many of our clients want a dedicated time and space to gain clarity about their situation with the empowering support of a professional.

Bourne to Achieve clients find the questions and honest insight useful to make conscious well-thought out decisions.

We can arrange sessions at convenient times for you, in person or via Zoom.

Bourne to Achieve walk and talk
If you prefer to get outside for your coaching session, at Bourne to Achieve we offer ‘Walk and Talk‘ sessions over the Sussex Downs or a place of your choice as an alternative.

Bourne to Achieve Individual

Coaching Packages

At Bourne to Achieve we recognise that you are an individual, and offer flexible coaching programmes with three main components.

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Foundation session

Each series of coaching starts with a 90 minute Foundation Session to hear about the situation and your desired outcomes, interests, learning styles and differences, previous experience of coaching. From this we shape a path forward.

Main body of sessions

The juicy work of coaching takes place over several sessions at a pace that suits your circumstances and the situations we are exploring. The frequency can range from weekly sessions to every 6 – 8 weeks – you decide.

Around the final session, you will create a development plan to support in sustaining the changes.

From here additional sessions or another series of coaching can be booked.

Here are our three Individual Coaching programmes:

Block of 6 Sessions

6.5 hours


These sessions stretch over a 4 to 6 month period allowing for a deeper exploration of yourself and the situations.

The changes made in the early stages to come to fruition, motivating and building your confidence to sustain these new ways of being.


Mini Block of 3 sessions

3.5 hours


This programme suits people wanting to explore a number of inter-connected matters or dive into one situation over a period of 1 to 3 months.

The framework gives shape and support to your development.


The Toe Dip

2 hours


A one-off low risk coaching session of 2 hours to energise a project or gain clarity around a situation.

For some this is sufficient, for others it is the beginning of their coaching path.

Either way it is an investment in yourself.

Payment terms
For the blocks of 3 or 6 sessions, pay in full at the time of booking and take a 10% discount.

Alternatively, you can pay your deposit of £105 (Mini-block of 3) or £175 for the Block of 6, and then each subsequent session is payable in advance, at £70 per hour.


"I couldn’t imagine going back to work, after my second maternity leave, without the coaching sessions with Jannine. It has enabled me to look at the situation from a different perspective, to focus on what I can control and always to have in mind what I want; to believe in myself again. I was returning to work 3 years after my first maternity leave, where I was facing a lot of stress and anxiety at work and dealing with “toxic” people that took advantage of my situation. Not that the situation is much better now but I am facing it completely differently. It has changed my world. I am much more relaxed and in control and people around can see that. I have an action plan to follow. Aiming, on a regular basis, to take time out to reflect and make sure I am back on track. I can't thank her enough."


Finance Business Manager in a Telco company, Spain

First Language Spanish


"I have found the experience of being coached extremely positive, not only in the sessions helping me to identify and clarify key personal development objectives but also offering practical tools, techniques and suggestions to achieve them. Working with Jannine was an absolute pleasure, her approach with the right balance of support and challenge was brilliant. I believe that the techniques and approaches practised and developed with her will enable me to continue to improve."

M.B. Accounts Assistant
First Language Hungarian


Is individual coaching right for me right now?

Coaching is based on a trusted, confidential, empowering relationship where we explore the situation to enable you to gain deeper insight into what is really going on so you can make well-informed, authentic decisions and take actions at the right time. There is a time commitment of the sessions plus any other reflective time you wish to give to it.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

Each session is shaped according to what you would like to work on, how you prefer to work and the level of challenge that would be useful. Your coach will draw upon a range of activities that are best suited to you. No two sessions will ever be the same! Some may be quiet and reflective, while others more dynamic – always with you at its heart.

What if coaching isn’t right for me at the moment?

A coaching relationship is based on an open, trust-based relationship. If you feel that something isn’t suiting you, please talk to your coach first. Most things can be resolved by having an honest conversation.  

What package is best for me?

We offer a range of packages designed to meet your individual needs. If you can’t see what you want here, please get in touch to discuss a programme that will better suit you.

Click here to explore these further.

How is coaching different from counselling?

Great question! There is a significant difference.

Coaching is forward looking and focused on where you want to be. Whilst we may review past actions, in coaching we see if there are behaviour patterns that may be holding you back from fulfilling your potential. We work to enable you to experiment with new ways of thinking and being to create a more fulfilling future.

How does coaching differ from the ‘Cosy Club’ - a natter over a cuppa?

Sharing a problem with a friend (the cosy club) can be a helpful release, but it doesn’t often lead to sustainable change.

With coaching you are inviting a professional hand to guide your exploration of the situation and support your conscious choices. Your coach will ask questions that shine a light on different aspects of the situation which empower you to make the right choices for you.

How do you personalise sessions so they are not an ‘off the shelf’ package?
The foundation session, which is usually 30 minutes longer, explores who you are, how you like to learn to create a flexible coaching ‘programme’ based on what you want to achieve.

At Bourne to Achieve, our coaching is highly individualised with outcomes specific to you. 

I would prefer my sessions to be 90 minutes. Is this possible?
Yes, we are happy to create blocks of 90 minute sessions to suit our clients. Please tell us when you book.   

Case Study

Shared with kind permission from the client

Client Situation

This client was about to return to work in a large multinational company after maternity leave and sought help regarding the ‘toxic’ situation within her team.  She recalled with dread how it had been the first time round and was determined it would be better this time but didn’t know how to effect that.

Friends had suggested she look for an alternative position, and she had, in fact, been headhunted by another multi-national, but my client felt this was not the right time to jump ship while her children were still young.

Very quickly she realised she had been focusing on trying to change other people’s behaviour; her lightbulb moment came when we focused on her circle of influence.

The Client Journey

This client’s initial assessment of the satisfaction with her life and work situation, along with our free discovery chat indicated the priority area for
her was addressing the impending return to work. The dread was impacting heavily on the remaining two months of her maternity leave and her family life. These assessments gave us a concrete base line to work from and return to at the end of the block of 6 sessions.

We looked at what actions, thoughts, behaviours were inside her circle of influence and those which lay outside. She immediately saw things
she could change to put her ‘into the driving seat’ again. It was a beautiful moment witnessing her whole body shift into this new reality. She took a deep intake of breath, let it out slowly. Her shoulders dropped, her face relaxed, and she smiled. She could see a way forward. That was our first 60 minute coaching session online.

Throughout the next 4 sessions, she realised what part she had played in the dynamic at work and explored different ways to be. We focussed on building rapport with her direct boss and communicating in an adult way (face to face, virtually and in writing) to toxic colleagues in order to step away from Karpman’s drama triangle. All the preparation she had done through the coaching before she returned to work meant that, whilst still a little apprehensive, she felt prepared for dealing with the people she had been so fearful of. The actual accountancy work was easy in comparison.

Our final session took place a good while after she had returned, giving her time to put into practice the action plan she had devised. She had re-built relations with colleagues across the organisation, automated much of her work allowing her to be more proactive and innovative within the team. Her colleagues and boss responded positively to her new approach and their communication became much cleaner and more professional.

The Client’s Final Result

At the review, which took place six months after her coaching had ended at her request, she was thrilled that the relationships that had been so ‘toxic’ had changed over time as a result of her consistently communicating with them on an Adult level (as described in Berne’s transactional analysis thesis).

The client’s energy levels were higher and she was more productive at work, giving her time and energy to spend with her family.

Speaking to her again recently to gain permission to write this she expressed how several friends had commented on how positive she was about work and asked what had helped her to instigate and maintain change…. “Coaching!”

If aspects of this story resonate with you, then get in touch to see how we could improve your situation at work or at home.

A discovery call costs nothing, and it may change your life.