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Leadership Programmes

Resourcing Authentic Leaders with aspirational, practical Leadership Development Programmes. Facilitating Face to Face in Eastbourne, Lewes, Brighton and Hastings, online across the UK and Internationally.

Bourne to Achieve Leadership Programmes

At Bourne to Achieve we offer inspiring, practical Leadership Programmes designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and behaviours of leaders willing to take a reflective view of their leadership, challenge themselves and increase their effectiveness in their respective roles.

Our Leadership Programmes are crafted to suit the overall goal of each individual organisation to meet their development plans, as part of a robust CPD programme.

You can book our flagship Programme ‘The Resourced Leader Programme’ for your team which is a six- session programme, or we can also create a Leadership Programme from the modules outlined below.

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The Resourced Leader Programme

This course delves into what it means to be a Resourced Leader, one who is able to meet their own needs so they can fully meet the needs of their teams and stakeholders. We explore how flexibly you use different styles of leadership and what kind of leader you would like to be. Looking at your strengths and their shadow side, we explore the impact these have on those around you. For the second half of the course we explore practical matters like building working relationships, prioritisation, delegation and having successful professional conversations.

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 With so much information on leadership what makes this programme different?

As participants, the small group size facilitates the building of strong relationships allowing the content to be individualised to meet your needs. The individual and collaborative tasks offer opportunities to draw on your reservoirs of knowledge and experience, so you can reflect on your own practice.

The empowerment of the coaching approach will appropriately challenge you to reach a greater depth of understanding of yourself and others – thus resourcing your leadership skills.

We explore authentic, resourced leadership so you can confidently answer this question posed by Goffee and Jones (2006) in their book of this title: ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?’

This programme is delivered both face to face and virtually.

Here are the ways to engage:

  • Buy this package for your whole team – face to face, or online
  • Join the open online programme with start dates through the year, as individuals
  • Complete the course as a solo participant at your own pace.

Fees start from £1,995

Build a bespoke Leadership Development Programme

Use these modules to build a bespoke programme to address key areas of your team’s development.

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • The Art of Active Listening
  • The Art of Asking Powerful Questions
  • What is an effective leader? Envisioning your Leadership
  • Leadership styles – what they are and how to use them effectively
  • Developing a coaching approach to Leadership
  • Identifying and harnessing Strengths – your own and those of your team
  • Holding Successful Professional Conversations – the ones we label ‘difficult’
  • Rapport based Communication – verbal and written language
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
  • Building Resilience
  • Effective Prioritisation 
  • Conscious Delegation
  • Introduction to Personal Change
  • Leading Change in teams / organisations

Please contact us at Bourne to Achieve to discuss which modules will benefit your organisation. 

These can be delivered in full day, half day or 90 minutes sessions.

Costs start from £320 for 90 minutes plus travel if required.

Leadership Programme

Features of the Leadership Programme sessions

Ahead of the sessions, there are short preparation tasks which offer opportunities to reflect on past and current practices to create an intrinsic motivation. Often these generate useful questions for the sessions.

Our Bourne to Achieve Programmes are interactive, with hands-on tasks based on ‘real’ play as opposed to ‘role-play’.

The Programmes create opportunities to change the way participants think about themselves, others and the wider context in a safe confidential environment.

Following each session, reflection tasks extend the learning into the workplace for those who would like further self-directed learning.

Bourne to Achieve Programme sessions usually last two hours to allow sufficient time for the input, practical tasks and questions.

They can be delivered both in person and online, depending on the need of your organisation.

Prices start at £350 per two hour bespoke Leadership Development session, for up to six people.



"I had a brilliant workshop with Jannine on prioritisation. I learned a lot in this session which I will be able to put to good use in my professional and private life. Jannine was an excellent presenter and made me feel at ease and able to contribute fully in a relaxed but professional setting, thank you."

 University Learning Support Tutor (Attending an online workshop)

"Thank you for such an inspiring session on Change. The discussion afterwards showed how thought-provoking we found it."

Deputy Head (attending a face to face workshop)

"This year we have had a number of sessions with Jannine with the six leaders together. As Jannine already had a deep understanding of the school’s needs and of us all as individuals the coaching was able to target shared areas of development. This has included - time management and prioritisation - the effect of change on stakeholders and how to plan proactively for this within the school setting - how to facilitate difficult conversations and hold people to account professionally - Developing resilience in school setting. The great advantage of Jannine already knowing as professional individuals has meant that the sessions have been tailored to our needs perfectly and been able to really home in on what will continue to move the school forward. As a school we have really enjoyed working with Jannine. She is perceptive and insightful and can deal with unforeseen challenges proactively and with professionalism, calmness and kindness. On an individual and a team level we have all gained from the sessions immensely. We are all more efficient, more effective, more confident than we were but as a team our shared vision and understanding of the schools’ needs has never been more unified."


CPD package of individual coaching and bespoke leadership workshops over three academic years


How will you tailor the Programme for my workplace

At Bourne to Achieve, we always tailor the Programme to your business needs. At the time of booking, we’ll have a discussion following which we’ll agree outcomes, content and scope of the workshop.

This programme looks like it could benefit all of our staff, even those without leadership responsibilities. Is this correct?

Our programmes are designed to empower all participants whatever their current level of responsibility. What we hear from clients is the unifying benefits of the whole team attending the programme especially for those working hybrid or internationally. The shared language and ideas influence the culture of the school or organisation.

Our team has more than 6 people, can we all attend at the same time?

Yes, we will happily work with larger teams. Let’s have a conversation to discuss your team needs and how we can work together to meet them.

I’d like to do the Leadership Programme as a solo participant. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely. We welcome solo participants for a more individualised programme at a time and pace that suits you. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

We like the overall programme but want to change one module. Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to adapt the programme to the needs of our clients. Please let us know what you’d prefer to cover instead.

There may be an additional charge for this depending on the module.

We have already covered these modules with you. What is the progression route for us?

We can put together a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Next year, the Resilient Leader Programme will be available which takes leaders further along their leadership development. This includes sessions on Increasing Resilience, Having Professional Conversations to raise an issue with more Senior Staff, Developing a Coaching Approach to Leadership.

Please get in touch if this is something you wish to focus on.

Are the programmes accredited?

Accreditation is something we are working towards. They are run by qualified coaches holding an ILM Level 7 coaching qualification, who are also experienced teachers / trainers, with enhanced DBS checks and indemnity insurance.